The path to fair balance of participation invisible young people count project has beenpromoting the Dialogue between young people and policy makers in partnership with localyouth organizations from Finland as way to development participatory seminars, based on thestructured dialogue to give not only visibility to this issue, at local, regional, national andEuropean, but also allow young people with few opportunities to assume a central role in thedevelopment of strategies and measures for its own inclusion and full integration in society..

This project examined participation among youth immigrants in Finland, and their difficultiesin accessing to the structured dialogue with decision makers in Finland.
The project improve the dialogue between young people in risk situations and youngimmigrants with few chances with political decision-makers at the local, national andEuropean levels in order to develop strategies and fundamental measures to improve theaccess to and permanence of African youth Diaspora in the education system, to reduce earlyschool leaving and to improve their access to the labor market. It also created a set ofrecommendations aimed at minimizing social exclusion and some specific problems in thearea of unemployment of early school leavers within the African Diaspora community. Itcreated a strategic plan that provides better alignment between the African youth Diasporaand their policy-makers, deconstructing stereotypes and preconceived perceptions existingamong local politicians and the community of immigrants, and it aimed to bridge the gap inparticipation of the communities of African youth Diaspora in the Structured Dialogue. Itallowed the local youth of specific groups to influence the construction of youth policies atnational and European level, to empower local youth associations, which have as their targetaudience African youth Diaspora and to inform them about the opportunities that exist inErasmus+.

Our project was achieve in 5 steps activities achieved in Finland, namely the preparationmoments, the regional seminars, the national meeting, the meeting with decision makers andthe evaluation, including dissemination moments. The ASDA ry and its local partners usedothers international meetings to disseminate and presented the results and impacts of thisproject. We made clear to all the young participants that they are involved in all steps of thistraining project, including in the elaboration and dissemination of project.

The young participants were presented not only in the preparatory moments, but also in allstages and activities of the project. The dialogue in dynamics/sessions activities were ensuredby trainers and facilitators that understand well Finnish, English, Somali and Arabic languages.
The meetings moments were done in different cities of Finland involving 394 youngparticipants, facilitators and decision makers. Although the limit financial resources we had inthe project the ASDA ry team manage to do 3 regional seminars in longer distance cities, 1 inOulu and 2 in Kajaani requested by a group of young people. Besides, Helsinki, Espoo andVantaa, other regional seminars were held in shorter distance cities from Helsinki such as,Turku, Tampere, Salo and Lahti We encourage and support nationally and internationally others youth organizations topromote and organize events to give more visibility to the results and impacts of this project.We got interest of 75% of young participants motivated to continue work with us in the youthfield after the activity and develop other youth projects.The project is supported by CIMO – Centre for International Mobility and EuropeanCommission under Erasmus plus Programm

Partner organisations:

  • Suomen maahanmuutajien yhdistys ry .
  • Kajaani Somalialainen yhdistys ry .
  • Pohjois-suomen somalialainen tukiyhdistys ry.
  • Puntland Community ry
  • FC Afro-euro Giants ry.
  • Horseed mediayhdistys ry (Salo).
  • Maahanmuuajien perhe ja nuorten yhdistys ry.
  • Konsom nuorten ry.
  • Länsi Helsinki yhteisö ry.
  • Somali taakulo Yhdistys ry.
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    African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe


    Puntland European diaspora


    Asda ry Finland








    Sao Tome and Principe


    Cape Verde


    United Youth Of Ireland


    Swedish Djiboutian Development Agency


    Afican Empowerment Center


    Udug Association Ireland