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The last century recorded amazing advancements and inventions but one of the brightest political platform which projects unique human dignity in the last century was the EU. Which started in part as the European Economic Community in 1958 with six countries which has over the years metamorphosed into European Union of 28 Countries and this political platform has been accorded the needed recognition. The European Union has been a beacon of peace, justice, equality and economic emancipation among many other things to the world. The free movement of people which has been a tool to drive a more inclusive Europe is under serious threat.
The great achievements of European Union which has and is still encouraging so many countries on the by stand to join the union or aspire to join the union despite threats from neighbours. This same admirable uniqueness which has been hailed as the benefit of the European union are today being re-examined within member states. Questioning the merits of the Union and also testing Union to her limit. The changes experienced in member states as a result of being in EU have created excitements and despair both among citizens and political leaders. There are rhetoric from national leaders and political figures which is blurring the real political debate Europe should have.
With this continuous scrutiny, there is the need to motivate and mobilise young peoples to engage and not ignore this once in a life time debate. Not to take sides on national interests but to make informed decisions about a future that will directly impact them. This training will bring to fore the need for re-integration and rethinking the concept integration in Europe. The first wave of integration was largely driven by need for economic integration without due regard or understanding what human and cultural integration will mean or look like. At the onset of 2008 economic recession.
There has been claim and counter claim to the benefit of European integration. Europe has come very far in defeating extreme nationalism, fundamentalism, discrimination and xenophobia but the current economic crises is re-introducing imaginary segregation that is defining people based on their nationality and economic GDP. No European citizen or aspiring European citizens should be allowed to suffer any form of discrimination in the exercise of her freedom and pursuit of happiness as a result of her national economic GDP or monetary contribution to the Union. If this phenomenon is not nipped in the bud, it risks the creation of two tier Europe.

Part of the objectives of this project was:

  • To train youth workers in specific transformational skills e.g team building and team leading skills which will enable them to leverage diversity in a multicultural workspace. .
  • Train youth workers in social entrepreneurship project and Europe 2020 vision and target. .
  • Train youth workers in skills for multicultural engagement and dialogue. .
  • To train youth workers in skills like leveraging diversity, vulnerability that will enable them to stair young people away from Xenophobic tendencies. .
  • To train youth workers in non-violent skills..
  • To train youth workers the fundamental principles of creators who takes the advantages of bad situations to create new better opportunities .
  • To train youth workers on mapping skills to calibrate the benefits of European membership across Europe. .
  • To train youth workers on wellbeing promotion.
  • The training will empower youth workers on how to contribute to policy processes around youth unemployment across Europe. .

This training involved 30 youth participants from European countries and was leaded by a team of trainers experts from Diversity and Integration Initiatives, African Centre for Development and Research, Centre for Policy Development and Advocacy and Providers of Social Responses to the Development.

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