Project - Building


Organization Promoter:

PRSD – Providores de Respostas Sociais para o Desenvolvimento


Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and Kenya.

Partner Organizations:

- Providers of Social Responses to the Development / Almada
- ASANTE from Athens,
- Swedish Djiboutian Development Agency / Stockholm
- Puntland Community / Helsinki
- ADYNE Netherlands / Terneuzen
- National Agency of Youth and Social Development / Praia
- TCHINTCHOR Association / Bissau
- International Youth Catholic Students – IYCS Africa Trust / Nairobi


Migrants and Refugees Inclusion, Youth Participation, Social Responsibility, Social and Economical Inclusion, Youth Employment and Social Entrepreneurship.,


BUILDING: Resilient Local Communities together with Young Migrants and Refugees.

Target Group:

Young migrants and refugees, social youth workers and youth leaders.


This project will focus on migrant and refugees problems of social and economical inclusion. We know that past two decades, the integration of migrant youth has emerged as a pressing yet controversial issue in public debates around the world. Riots that shook many European cities - Paris in 2005, Athens in 2008, London in 2011, and Stockholm in 2013 - may be partially traced back to a growing generation of frustrated migrant youth wishing to call attention to their daily struggles with discrimination, economic marginalization, and social exclusion. Taking in consideration the recent refuges crisis in Europe that have just added more pressure to this rising issue, this project is a great opportunity to work with young migrants and young refugee to increase the level of their local participation and consequently their full integration in their hosting countries.
We believe that our project can contribute for a different vision and approach into migration policy by addressing young migrants and refuges.

The partner organizations committed to be able:

- To increase the capacity of NGOs working with young migrants and refuges to influence policy at local and regional level.
- To empower local organizations staffs to better involve young migrants and refuges in the decision making process.
- To increase the political influence of young migrants and refuges in their communities and regions. - To improve local and regional integration policies and the competences of local stakeholders to work together.
- To develop instruments that can support NGOs that need to start working with young migrants and refuges.
- To support the integration and the development of a sense of belonging of young migrants in their host communities.
- To increase the level of the business sector involvement in migrant youth integration.

This project will involve young participants and will be developed several activities during 18 months from October 2017 to March 2019, such:

- International Seminar in Portugal
- Training Course in Cape Verde
- Local Seminars in each partner countries
- Job Shadowing, a bilateral mobility between African and European partners.

Priorities addressed

- Promoting the take-up of practical entrepreneurial experiences in education, training and youth work
- Supporting the production and adoption of Open Educational Resources in diverse European languages
- Facilitating the validation of non-formal and informal learning and its permeability with formal education pathways
- Stimulating active participation of young people in democratic life
- Promoting young people's social inclusion and well-being

Number of participants:

600 participants from European and African countries.

Priorities will be given to:

- Young migrants and refugees based in partners countries.
- Youth workers and living in that work with young immigrants and refugees.
- Young migrants with few opportunities from African diaspora community living in Europe.
- Youth leaders representatives of youth organizations based in Europe and Africa.
- African students with economical and social problems based in partner countries.
- Experts on migrations, refugees and youth field based in Europe and Africa countries.

Duration of project:

18 months (from October 2017 to March 2019).


The accommodation during the meeting can be in twin (double) triple or forth

rooms (meaning:

share a room with a person with the same sex) in the youth’s hostel or hotels.


< The work language will be English. The trainers and facilitators will ensure the translations between English and Portuguese in case is necessary .

Financial Condition:

The organizers will work to provide conditions to reduce the cost for

participants, like:

• No charge of participation fee.
• Cover the Accommodation and foods.
• Cover the cost of the travel.



African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe


Puntland European diaspora


Asda ry Finland








Sao Tome and Principe


Cape Verde


United Youth Of Ireland


Swedish Djiboutian Development Agency


Afican Empowerment Center


Udug Association Ireland