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PRSD – Providores de Respostas Sociais para o Desenvolvimento

Description of working area of PRSD

The PRSD is a network created informally since 2010 with office in Portugal and Ireland and that has arisen through the support that youth experts formed provide to the immigrants and youth organizations and other organisations working with disadvantaged communities and minorities. The PRSD supports the community of immigrants and descendants, as well as promotes the involvement of diaspora to invest and participate in the development of their communities where they are inserted and in their origin countries. The PRSD support and conduct international meetings, seminars, conferences, trainings, workshops, debates in order to improve migration policy, mobility and integration. PRSD bases its activities in order to increase synergies of social responses on:
- Promotion of debates between the different organizations of immigrants and their integration in the society of origin and in European society
. - Promotion of relations within African society, assuming actors of peace-building, democracy and human rights in the context of the euro-African cooperation.
- Promotion of social and political integration of migrants in European society in the context of creativity and innovation.
- Reflection on the cultural reality of the presence of immigrants and descendants of immigrants in Europe and their relevance in their communities of origin.
- Discussion of the presence of organizations in their local, national and international context in order to improve the social responses in combating unemployment, racism, prejudice, xenophobia and discrimination.
- Contribution to the recognition of the importance of the participation of young people and immigrants organisations in definition and implementation of youth policies in the context of social cohesion and local development.
- Empowerment of immigrants and youth organizations to act as multipliers and boosters of future projects, especially through trainings and local, national and international meetings.
- Capacity building of organizations to develop activities and educational programs for young people relating to the fight against youth unemployment and improve socio-economic independence.

The intervention working areas base on activities that focuses:

• In development of learning processes in the area of youth and social responsibility.
• In organisation and facilitation of social and youth events such as national and international meetings, trainings or other seminars and conferences.
• In research and consulting for the improvement of the mobility policy, immigration, youth and integration.
• In the capacity building of partners to improve the local and national development.
• The creation of civic-social multipliers active in society in order to improve the conditions of life of the most disadvantaged communities.
• In support of informal groups of young people, youth associations and non-governmental organizations working with communities of immigrants and young people at risk of social exclusion situation.
• In support the platforms and informal networks of youth leaders and organizations with an interest in the development of the Africa-Europe cooperation and strengthening civil society.
• In monitoring and contributions to the development of educational and social programs and policies.

Kind of works developed by PRSD

The PRSD team is composed by young professionals, trainers experts, researchers, youth workers, social workers, students, youth leaders, anti-discrimination experts and professionals, educational staff/teachers and community mediators. The PRSD is directed with their strategies with awareness-raising activities such campaigns, community meetings, advocacy meetings, public debates, roundtables, conferences, seminars, cultural demonstrations, sports practices and workshops. The type of materials that we use to produce to promote PRSD projects and activities is related with key impacts we want to reach on wide european citizens by events books, booklet/leaflet, e-book, film/spot video, newsletter, articles, online survey, poster, flyers, roll-up, brochures, note book, social network profile, TV/audio spot/advertisement, website/blog, development of policy recommendations, electronic report and report publication and other materials (cards/stickers/pens/folders/T-shirts/USBs/etc).

Local and regional Level At local level PRSD used to do:

- Partner and community meetings.
- Intercultural meeting of residents at “Monte de Caparica”.
- International Women Day - Special Young Women in the Community.
- Youth Week in “Monte de Caparica”.
- Consultation to young people living in Almada.
- Solidarity Campaigns and collections of materials to Africa.
- Support and monitoring school children descendants of immigrants.
- Arts exposition of Africans works and African sculptures in Euro African Youth Centre.
- Trainings and workshops at Euro African Youth Centre.
- Male and female football tournaments.
- Cultural and recreational events.
- Seminars and round table.

National level At national level PRSD used to do:

- African Diaspora Youth Meeting in Portugal
- Schools of equality and Development at Euro-African Youth Centre
- National consultation to young immigrants in Portugal
- Advocacy and strategic meetings.

International level At international level PRSD used to do:

- Youth Forum
- International Meetings
- International Conferences
- Transnational Training courses
- International Seminars
- Solidarity and Awareness capmpaign

During the internship programme we will combined methodology approach with our interns on:

- Mapping and coordination of network.
- Peer tutoring and Mentoring programmes
- Data collection and data sharing.
- Public awareness campaigns.
- Online guidance and resources platform.
- Advocacy and lobbying.
- Provide educational tools, analysis under national and EU laws.
- Support youth and progress case.
- Bring incidents cases to attention of institutions.
- Youth-led research, trainings, seminars, conferences, consultations and meetings.
- Identifying and registering incidents.
- Create multipliers and actors.
- Cross-community peaceful actions
- Provide recommendation and role model's proposals.
- Evaluate and promote all the steps of project.
- Documents production.
- Produce activities and annual reports.
- Create community feedback and instrumental resources.

What PRSD team can offer you:

- Opportunity to travel and work in a multicultural and diversity group of people.
- Knowledge to develop local, national and international projects.
- Knowledge on EU funds programmes and opportunities to work with these grants. - Opportunity to be involved with African Europe Youth cooperation process.
- European and African dimension.
- knowledge about institutions and programmes of public institutions, local authorities, European institutions.
- Experience with geographic regions in Euro-African cooperation, North-South cooperation and South-South cooperation.
- Advocacy, lobbying and research methods to support NGOs on their own works.
- Adopting a holistic approach in examining issues affecting immigrants
- understanding of political and civic participation of people living in disadvantage situation.
- Capacity to work with Youth, social and immigrants programmes at European Commission
- Capacity of coordination and integration of work in intercultural group of youth experts and professionals.
- Capacity on crisis management, marketing for NGOs and personal development.
- Equality of opportunity, organizational management, group dynamics and motivation.
- Intercultural learning, leadership development, vocational skills, training, management and development of projects.
- Chance to understand and work with European Youth Foundations opportunities and its existing funds programmes.
- Work on volunteer programs, participation and youth initiative and awareness activities.
- Develop Education for development and personnel management programs.
- Lead and coordinate Youth exchanges, youth mobility, and other international and transnational activities.
- Opportunity to be part of team on trainings for young people, immigrants and young refugees.
- Opportunity to assist organizations from Africa and Europe that work with young people and immigrants with few opportunities.

The interns will have the opportunity to learn about:

 ability of social responsibility with government institutions and civil society as a whole in order to benefit the immigrants community with few opportunities.  work with young immigrants and refugees, using formal and non-formal education methodologies.
 communication skills, facilitation and leadership with youth workers groups at risk of unemployment.
 social and intercultural competencies in youth work for the benefit of immigrants community.
 peer education for social inclusion and intercultural competencies.
 E-learning european support tools and others training resources.
 ability to bet on inclusive practices, able to offer learning opportunities.
 management of diversity among immigrant groups and community in disdvantage situation.
 Strategic plan that is more suited to the context to the young people work.
 methods and evaluation techniques compatible with the cultural heterogeneity and diversity of rhythm and learning process.
 social coexistence in a multicultural and intercultural environment.
 skills to seek better partnerships in order to increase the synergies different organizations.
 ability to look for better resposnses to the problems faced by young people and immigrants community in social and economic spheres.
 values for inclusive participation, social responsibility, social integration, intercultural dialogue, within local communities.
 Multicultural and intercultural learning focused on youth leadership, team work, group dynamics, group communication, programme design, evaluation and follow-up assuring quality criteria in all aspects of youth workers capacity.
 cultural dimension and encouragement of active participation and involvement with young immigrants with few opportunities.
 Motivation to work on structured dialogue, democratic citizenship, active citizenship and the engagement of youth immigrants in participation in decision making.
 Lead group of young people and people with different background.
Project management and how evaluate and report local, national and international activities.

The PRSD team will also help interns to learn how to:

 Use intercultural skills for social integration of immigrants with few opportunities.
 Cooperate with nationals and internationals organizations.
 Improve the social and intercultural knowledge of immigrants organizations.
 Use proper tools to combat all forms of racism and intolerance against immigrants and refugees people
 Help other youth workers and immigrants that suffer problems of unemployment and discriminatory challenges.
 Social responsibility to support immigrants that live in disadvantage situation.
 Act as actors of positive changes and capacity for innovation, creativity, assessment and advisory services.
 Bring together experts to support young people that leave early the schools.
 Get cultural diversity competence that can help to work in any kind of diversity and intercultural groups of people.
 Elaborate, prepare and submit projects and reports at national and EU level.

Interns will work and develop projects with PRSD team on diffrents topics such:

 Social entrepreneurship
 Entrepreneurial learning/entrepreneurship education
 Social and economical inclusion
 Employment and decent work
 Youth emancipation and unemployment
 Social cohesion and social conflicts
 Social inclusion and exclusion.
 Formal and non-formal education
 education for citizenship and human rights
 EU Citizenship, EU awareness and democratic citizenship
 Conflict management and mediation
 Cultural diversity and anti-racism
 Non-discrimination, xenophobia, prejudice and other forms of intolerance
 Combat hate crime and hate speech online
 Youth and immigrants policies in European countries
 Active participation, strcutured dialogue and citizenship
 Intercultural and intergenerational education
 International cooperation, international relations and development cooperation
 Sustainable Development Goals
 International Decade for People of African Descent
 Youth policies and dialogue with decision makers and politicians
 Youth workers, social workers and youth participation
 Commitment to a more inclusive growth: fight against poverty and marginalisation

Previous experience of interns that have been working with PRSD team

- We have been received young student from Umeå University – Sweden.
It was sent one students from on social worker sector Umeå University to do internship programme in 2015.
- We have been received student from Kaunas University of Technology – Lithuania.
The PSRD received one student Mr. Samir Musayev from Kaunas University of Technology in 2013 during 3 months programme. - We have been received student from Vytautas Magnus University – Lithuania. The PSRD received one student Mr. Heydar Hajiyev from Vytautas Magnus University in 2017 during 4 months programme.

What PRSD will need from intern workers?

- Availability to travel and represent PRSD at international events
- Capacity to understanding the needs of
- Open mind to work with and for people with few opportunities living in social neighborhoods and in disdadvantage situation
- Interest to support youth, immigrants and other organizations from Europe and Africa that
- Able to learn and work with our professional and experts from different EU countries
- Involved in teamwork, performance, monitoring, facilitating and report various kinds of activities.
- Be comfortable to work in a group of team with people with different background.
- Cooperate with other member and partner organizations and institutions from different countries.
- Identify opportunities focused on better life condition throughout national and European youth and immigrant support programmes.
- Be responsible and commited with PRSD team, priorities, projects and its members.
- Contribute to the PRSD growth and development of network.

Internship programme

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