Project - MECOSEIN


Promoter Organizations:
- Urban Connection - Austria
- PRSD - Providers of Social Responses to the Development - Portugal.

Project Title: MECOSEIN - Media Competencies for Social and Economical Inclusion


This project "MECOSEIN - Media Competencies for Social and Economical Inclusion" involves 20 immigrant youth workers coming from the organizations that are working with immigrants on intercultural and social problems at local levels from Vienna and Lisbon and at same time giving crucial contributions to the immigrants organizations and youth associations in Austria and Portugal. This project "MECOSEIN" will have 2 stages (one week of mobility of youth workers activity in Vienna from 16th to 21st of October 2018, involving 20 participants and one week in Lisbon from 5th to 10th of March 2019, involving 20 participants) and will be divided into 3 fundamental axes:
1- Importance of media competencies of youth immigrant workers to increase the social-economical responses in their residence countries.
2- Competencies of youth immigrant workers on multicultural, intercultural learning in the immigrant communities and social neighborhoods.
3- Participation and knowledge on social-economical development of immigrant community by providing social assistance.

The aims
- To create synergies between the partners of best immigrants integration practices and ideas between youth workers and enhance the interest in media, intercultural learning and socialeconomical development. This will reinforce the work of youth worker to support partners to have better international capacity.
- To empower youth workers through non-formal education tools to become better agents of socialeconomical responses for the benefit of immigrants communities in Vienna and Lisbon.

The main objectives
• To develop essential media, intercultural and social competencies to work with immigrant groups and way to provide a better social-economical answers and support to the community in disadvantage situation.
• To reduce the bad stigmatization related with immigrants that both countries have and will receive.
• To increase knowledge about the intercultural context of the social-economical responsibility and immigrants integration in European Youth Cooperation context, adding the availability among youth workers to work within local communities.
• To make 20 youth workers well prepared and gain confidence about integration and provide bases to approach and initiate a dialogue about poverty and social-economical exclusion problems among immigrants, by motivation and awareness about values underpinning non-formal education and socialeconomical responsibility.
• To increase cultural sensitivity in a European Cooperation context and to support interculturality, fighting exclusion of minorities and xenophobia involving of local communities in the development in order to enhance the impact of social-economical inclusion of youth workers in our communities.
• To increase the youth workers participant's motivation to introduce into intercultural learning and social answers by creating conditions to support them to engage others, serving as ambassadors of understanding of social, cultural and economical difference between the partner countries.

In a long-term perspective, this project has multiplier effect and sustainable impacts to:
- Increase values of social-economical responsibility, media and intercultural skills for community development among immigrant communities.
- Improve their life condition and to promote their autonomy and role within the community where they lives.
- Greater efficiency and breadth of ability in the work with youth workers focused on the full socialeconomical capacity.
- Support network for immigrant youth workers in order to achieve reasonable minimum living conditions and their possible application in practical life.
- Create space for immigrant youth workers and organizations share and build joint projects for the benefits of immigrants.
- Understand when and how does a change in life and in relations of the immigrant youth workers, acquire new knowledge and develop new social media skills.
- Describe how the project affects the immigrants, their family relationships and its insertion in the institutions and communities of which they are part.
- Point out how the benefits of the project can become sustainable and long lasting, even after the end of the project.
- Develop joint actions and chained to social-economical development, from working with a group of immigrants people.
- Encompass planned activities for the development of immigrant youth workers, in order to live better in their social environment, to act on it and the transform shape, to develop greater autonomy and protagonism, effectively participating and transforming in the middle where it belongs.

Duration of project: 8 months (from August 2018 to March 2019).
Language: The work language will be English. The trainers and facilitators will ensure the translations between English and Portuguese in case is necessary.
Financial Condition: The organizers will work to provide conditions to reduce the cost for participants, like:

• No charge of participation fee. • Cover the Accommodation and foods.
• Cover the cost of the travel.

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